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Where to eat and drink in Zipolite

There’s definitely no lack of bars and restaurants in Zipolite. The cuisine is a mix of typical Mexican food with international influences. Mexican snacks like tacos, nachos and tlayudas (typical from Oaxaca) are among the cheapest food options. Tamales (food in a leaf) are often sold on the beach. If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to try the iguana tamale.

Also Italian restaurants are plenty in Zipolite, serving delicious pizza and pasta. The more upscale restaurants serve things like steak, fish fillet and most other international food you can think of. If you prefer to cook your own dishes, read here about shopping in Zipolite.

All restaurants on the beach also serve as bars, so don’t be afraid to walk in for just a cocktail. Below is an overview of our personal favourite restaurants.

Bars & Restaurants in Zipolite
Bars & Restaurants in Zipolite

Beach restaurants

El Alquimista
El Alquimista is one of the most high-class hotels in Zipolite and also its restaurant provides classy food and more than classy prices. It’s probably the most expensive restaurant in town but the setting is worth paying for. Especially in the evenings when the candles come out, it could hardly get more romantic.

A Nice Place On The Beach
This is exactly what the name suggests. At a great location on the beach, where you can enjoy very reasonably priced drinks and snacks. We are definitely recommend their breakfasts, ceviche and guacamole. The bar is open until late in the evening, but the restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch.

Sal y Pimienta
Sal y Pimienta is one of the most popular restaurants for dinner on the beach. Their prices are very affordable and the burgers are absolutely delicious. Also the seafood and the cocktails are very much recommended.

Decent and reasonably priced food and drinks, but that’s not the reason why you must go to Lolaslino. Being at the far eastern tip of the beach, you get excellent views of the whole beach and are at the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Town restaurants

Orale Cafe
Oralé is often said to be Zipolite’s best breakfast place and definitely the town’s most popular one. The menu has a mix of international options  as well as local delicacies with a foreign touch. Try the veggie omelet and the BLT sandwich.

Le Castelet
Another great breakfast place in the center of the Adoquin. They serve a variety of Mexican specialties, eggs in many different ways and a range of sweet and salty crepes. They also have some of the most delicious coffee in town.

La Providencia
La Providencia is known as Zipolite’s most high-class restaurants. The prices at La Providencia are higher than average, but the food quality is well worth it. Due to its popularity, it’s recommended to reserve your table upfront.

If price is a deciding factor in your choice of restaurant, nothing will beat Nicole’s taco place. Even the beers are cheaper than anywhere else in town. For only a couple of dollars, you’ll get 5 tacos or a large tlayuda.

El Mare
This small Italian restaurant has excellent food for very reasonable prices. We especially recommend the fish in white wine sauce and the pasta. El Mare quickly fills up during the high season and it’s not possible to make a reservation, so you may have to wait at the bar until a table is free.

3 de Diciembre
A very popular Italian restaurant, especially known for its pizzas and vegetarian casserole vegetarian casserole dishes dishes. The food and the drinks are very reasonably priced and the bohemian atmosphere of the garden by night makes for cozy dinners.

Bars & Restaurants in Zipolite
Bars & Restaurants in Zipolite
Bars & Restaurants in Zipolite

Nightlife in Zipolite

Parties are frequent in Zipolite, often happen spontaneously. Roam the streets of the center in the evening to see where the magic is happening tonight. Or check hostel desks and electricity poles for flyers.

In the center of town you’ll mostly find bars playing reggae, rock music or popular Latin music. The beach bars at the eastern part of the beach are know to play more dance and techno music.